Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Coachella Music Festival

Still have a couple of photos left of my trip and reminiscing about the experience. This was my first outdoor music festival and while it lived up to my expectations, there were a couple of things I was not prepared for (Coachella ain't that glamorous, although the pictures may say otherwise). Firstly kleenex is your friend, bring lots. I cannot count the amount of times I entered a porta potty (SO disgusting) with no toilet paper, thankfully my friends were prepared. Secondly, face masks are essential, when my girlfriend suggested I buy a face cover I thought she was insane, I must admit the first thing that came to mind was "it would look terrible with my outfit" but when it was 2 am and every breadth became a struggle as it felt like a dust storm was approaching, the face cover became my lifeline, thanks Linda! Lastly, don't sweat the small stuff; you will miss shows (thank God for Youtube), you may lose your stuff, it will be hot, there are tons of lines, your body will ache after a whole day of walking, but just go with the flow. My time at Coachella was nothing short of amazing, the memories were priceless!

Unforgettable Coachella, until next year.

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