Saturday, 3 March 2012

Catching a Break

Sweater & Scarf (Wilfred), Jeans (Rag & Bone)

Everywhere I go there stocking S/S clothing, but to be honest, its not the time right now in Edmonton, Alberta. Between wind chills and excessive amounts of snow its hard to get excited about shorts, dress, and skirts. I've been bundled up this past week with gigantic sweaters such as this one. I love the freckle of colours mixed in which makes outfitting a breeze.


  1. All the Spring colours and clothes are totally throwing me off because the weather is not nearly appropriate yet here either! Love your Rag & Bones.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. I love the sweater!! I used to love wearing chunky sweaters in winter but no chance to wear them anymore now that I am living in Malaysia TT^TT


  3. First of, i love your blog! it's stunning. and your look is stunning as well! x

  4. Love this colour combination :) I hope the weather gets better for you soon :)

    Love, Vanilla