Thursday, 19 January 2012


Wearing: Jacket (Zara), Sweater (American Apparel), Jeans (Rag & Bone), Belt (Wilfred), Bracelet (Links of London)

This sh*t is absolute cray cray! -40 degrees celsius. I feel so tempted to buy a one way ticket and move somewhere by the equator for the rest of this season. 


  1. dah - 40 that's crazy! we have like -7 and i'm freezing beyond belief. love the bag and sweater, you look gorgeous considering how cold it is =)

  2. "cray cray" hahaha! I'm somewhat jealous though as a very big fan of winter! But wow... I've never experienced -40 before! It must have been really cold..

  3. -40!? Where do you live!! It's only gotten to -20 here and everyone's already complaining haha! You're not even wearing gloves!